Nex Intelligence MSC Sdn Bhd currently developing two software products. The first will be called Nexware. It is a middleware infrastructure software that deals with data or message transfers. At a primitive level you open a connection, send a message, and the recipient gets it. Middleware steps in and does information transition, formatting of data, and determines where the message needs to go and who needs it.

The second product is called Nex Intelligence. It is an Executive Information System (EIS). It is a type of information system used by executives to access and manage the data they require to make informed business decisions. When managing an executive information system within an enterprise, having the right software is important.


Nexware provides a way for hardware and software to work together seamlessly. The software comes with two different modules:

a. Nexware for Security
Nexware is platform to connect security systems at a data level, contrasting other forms of integration which interface a limited number of products. It allows use of technologies which are compatible with a large number of manufacturers. Nexware offers more opportunities for expansion and can reduce implementation costs through greater use of existing equipment. Our software will be deployed to centralize information to single or multiple control hubs. These are referred to as control rooms or command and control centres. Security systems typically integrated into Nexware includes; access control systems, CCTV, Fire detection, Large scale displays, Intruder alarm systems, Perimeter intruder detection systems, Radar based detection, GIS mapping systems, Audio/video door communication, Automated barriers & bollards.

b. Nexware for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
It becomes middleware for different type of ERP Software on system level or database level. Middleware takes care of intra-application connectivity and process execution. It effectively allows you to take ERP out of the middle while ensuring connectivity to your vital data for anything you want to do.

It integrates autonomous applications such as data acquisition, which require the interfacing to an automaton and/or to an existing application (ERP). Our integrator capabilities enable us to design, to structure and to rationalize the relations between the different company applications and the human beings. Nexware is the middleware which manages the information coming from the ERP and/or from other systems.


It is an infrastructure that supplies to a firm's executives the up-to-the-minute operational data, gathered and sifted from various databases. The typical information mix presented to the executive are related to security solutions and ERP solution. It may even suggest what needs to be done. Nex Intelligence provides senior executives with a robust all-in-one tool that optimizes the infrastructure and flow of information within a company.

What makes Nex Intelligence ideal for managing an executive information system is that the very software used by executives is also the same software used by project managers, individual team members, and everyone else within a company. Different functions are built for different job roles, of course, but because everybody uses the same platform, the upward flow of information can be automated, giving executives powerful reports that provide nearly instantaneous visibility of the work being done.